Goetthans German Translation & Interpreting

German to English translation/interpreting and English to German translation/interpreting are the services that German born, New Zealand resident Anita Goetthans provides.

We don’t contract our work out, so when you contact us you are able to explain all your requirements directly to the translator. This leads to custom-made translations which are proof-read and edited by professional native speakers. Being a small business with low overheads we are able to offer competitive rates.


If you are new in Aotearoa we can offer:

  • Certified translations of German documents for NZ Immigration

  • Certified translations of qualifications and employment references for NZQA

  • Certified translations of German driver licences for the NZ Transport Agency

To check out our services go to the New in Aotearoa page

If you need our services in New Zealand or in Germany we can offer:

  • Translations of legal documents and interpreting services for NZ courts

  • Translation of academic or medical texts

  • Translations for your business, such as websites, promotional materials, and technical manuals

  • Translation of literature

To check out the above services go to the Other Services page.

If you are not sure contact us and send a scan of your document for a detailed quote and we’ll get back to you promptly.